Seatbelt Masters

Designed for Comfort and Safety - get the seatbelt off your neck!

Many people, especially those who are short, know how annoying it can be to have a seatbelt rubbing against their neck. Car manufacturers and safety organizations recommend adjusting your seatbelt to "rest across the middle of the shoulder" for safety, but for many shorter people, there has been no way to safely do this.

The thing about seatbelts is that they weren't designed to fit all people. Even in many cars where the belt attachment at the door pillar is adjustable, the seat belt can't be adjusted enough to move it away from the neck of a shorter driver or passenger.

Once installed, the SeatbeltMasters Positioner lets you position the seatbelt across the middle of the shoulder, away from the neck, and allows the belt to cross the center of the chest, as recommended by car manufacturers and seatbelt safety experts. The lap portion of the seatbelt remains in its original position in front of the hips. Because the seatbelt fits the way it was designed, it is far more comfortable for shorter people and children. With a Seatbelt Positioner, short passengers and drivers can be safe and comfortable as well.

We all know seatbelts can save lives, and today most states have laws requiring you to wear one. But the discomfort of having a seatbelt rub against the neck has led many people to wear the seatbelt improperly - either placing the shoulder portion behind their arm, behind the back, or not wearing it at all.

The seatbelt is designed to spread the force of a collision across two of the body's strongest areas: the pelvis and the upper chest, without jeopardizing the neck. Even the collarbone and shoulder can be damaged from the extreme forces encountered during an accident. But the neck is more delicate. If the seatbelt is positioned in a way that transfers its restraining force to the neck, more serious damage can result.

The Seatbelt Positioner lets shorter people and children adjust the seatbelt to fit across the middle of the shoulder and the center of the chest, making it much more comfortable. And since the seatbelt is comfortable, it encourages wearing the seatbelt properly and contributes safety.

The belt adjuster can be left in place on the seatbelt and will not interfere with other drivers or passengers who don't use it. Since the adjuster is easy to install, you can keep an extra one for traveling or carpooling.

The SeatbeltMasters Seatbelt Positioner is made of steel that won't let the belt slip or break at the onset of an accident. This way, in case of an accident, the belt adjuster will not introduce slack into the seatbelt, unlike plastic adjusters

The problem with devices that break at the onset of an accident:

A device that breaks would introduce slack into the seatbelt at the onset of an accident, allowing a wearer to pitch forward into the detonating airbag or into the dash or steering wheel if there is no airbag. Being too close to a detonating airbag is extremely hazardous, and has has been well documented. The SeatbeltMasters Seatbelt Positioner (pat. pend.) is made of steel, similar to that used by car manufacturers to construct the seatbelt latch mechanism, and is designed to hold the belt in place without introducing slack.

Seatbelts were designed to restrain the wearer by taking advantage of the strongest parts of the body: the shoulder, and both hips. If the device slips during an accident, the location of restraint changes and instead of being restrained by the hips, for instance, the body may be restrained by internal organs such as those in the chest.

Today, many cars are equipped with Pyrotechnic Seatbelt Pretensioners, which detonate in the earliest stages of an accident to take the slack out of the seatbelt. This pretensioner works together with the seatbelt locking mechanism to keep the wearer from pitching forward. With the SeatbeltMasters Adjuster, which won't slip or break, this essential safety function is preserved. Even if the vehicle has no pretensioners, the danger of being thrown into the airbag or dashboard or through the windshield is the same if there is excess slack in the seatbelt.

The Seatbelt Positioner by SeatbeltMasters makes the seatbelt more comfortable for those who experience seatbelt rubbing against their neck so the seatbelt can be worn comfortably and properly. It also preserve's the safety of the car's Supplemental Restraint System.

The Seatbelt Positioner by SeatbeltMasters is a wonderful relief for shorter people on short or long trips! (Patent Pending)